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Undefined reference to I2C_HAL_SetBaudRate

Question asked by Radu Nasui on Jan 5, 2016
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I am planning to write code in KDS that will use the I2C1 module on a FRDM-KL27Z board MCU and for this I want to make use of the HAL drivers provided, i.e.  fsl_i2c_hal.h

I am trying to call I2C_HAL_SetBaudRate() function and I get the undefined reference to 'I2C_HAL_SetBaudRate' although the fsl_i2c_hal.h file is included. To be noted that I can call any inline functions defined inside this header file, but no functions that are just declared inside the fsl_i2c_hal.h and defined inside fsl_i2c_hal.c. It seems that my compiler cannot find the latter file. How could I linked it to it? I presume that it has already been compiled somewhere before.


Any help??