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KE02  KE02Z16 in QFN-32 package cannot program/debug

Question asked by Brynn Rogers on Jan 5, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2016 by Brynn Rogers

I just built a very small smart sensor board using the KE02Z16 processor in the QFN-32 package.   My populated boards are here and I cannot get the debugger to talk to them with a PEmicro universal multilink.


Looking at the important signals, the Reset line seems to be behaving oddly.   I have a 10k pullup and a 0.1uf cap on the reset line, just like things seem to say I should.


What happens (with or without the debugger attached) is that the reset line is ramping from 2v to 2.5v at 40khz when the part is supplied with 5v.   I tried running it at lower voltages, and the part behaves the same no matter the voltage - oscillating around Vdd/2 at 40khz.  [ once the Vdd drops below 2.62 volts, the reset remains grounded]


If I remove the .1uF cap on the reset line, then goes from 5v to gnd, stays at gnd for 2.5us, and then goes back to 5v for 22.5us before repeating.


The debugger is able to ground the signal and toggle stuff out on swd_DIO and swd_CLK just like I would expect on a working device.


I added my exact 6 pin debug connection to a Freedom KE02 board [which has a 64 pin CPU], and my PE micro talks to it just fine, and there is no V/2 crud on the reset line.

[I have an adapter cable to get from the PE Micro port A 14 pin connector to my 6 pin connector - works great on the freedom board]


Can some one tell me what Is wrong?


The Vreg voltage is shut off (0v) until turned on by software to a value of 4.5 volts [which I can't do until I can program the micro]