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T2080 program the flash for the first time

Question asked by Nick Kung on Jan 4, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2017 by Gu Jiamao

Dear all,


I have the T2080 RDB devboard, and follow the manual to program the flash,


1. Set DIP switches as:

• SW1: 0100 1110 (ON is 0 and OFF is 1)

• SW2: 1011 1111

• SW3: 1100 0001

2. Run T2080RDB_RCW_override.cfg in CodeWarrior connection server (CCS) to override RCW.

3. Download SPI U-Boot at 0xfff40000, and set PC reg to 0xfffffffc.


it seems the T2080 uses the CPC as the SRAM at first, and then use CW to download the u-boot.bin to RAM, use the u-boot to burn the flash at last.


So my question is : How can I create the correct SPI u-boot.bin used for running in the SRAM, or can I download it from somewhere?