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Beginner - Trying to Create a Tree Network - MC1321X

Discussion created by Kurt Smith on Feb 10, 2008
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My team and I are working on a senior design project where we are attempting to create a building access control system using the 802.15.4/Zigbee standard.  We have been playing with one of the Freescale development kits (MC1321x) and have been able to do some of the basic demos, but now we are trying to create a multi-hop network.

 Basically, we are trying to cover a 4-story building with approximately 6 nodes per floor, and each node consists of something like a keypad or cardswipe to allow a user to authenticate themselves in order to gain access to a room.  We know that a simple star network will not provide sufficient coverage, so we are planning on constructing some sort of tree topology.  There will be one PAN coordinator on the 1st floor, and the rest of the nodes (ideally) will only be the individual FFDs at each door capable of routing traffic from other nodes to the coordinator (i.e. no nodes that are simply routers).  Also, I assume this will be a non-beaconed network as the majority of the data flow will be randomly originating from the nodes (as opposed to a constant flow of data in a typical sensor network).

The problem is that my team is made up mainly of EE majors, not software engineers, so I feel a little overwhelmed.  As far as I can tell, there are not any demos in the Beekit for tree or mesh networks (all I've seen are the star network demo for MAC and the home automation stuff for Beestack).  Have I missed them? Does anyone know of some simple demo code that we can download and have a look at, or a good resource for learning to program a simple tree/mesh network? At this point we are planning to stick with the simplicity of the MAC codebase, but we can move to Beestack if that makes things easier. Thank you very much, and I apologize for such a long post!




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