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I2C Start Detect Possible with MKL15Z128VFT4 Arm M0 Processor

Question asked by Jonathan Guinta on Jan 5, 2016
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I'm in the midst of working on a test head system where I have one I2C master and up to 21 slave addresses on an I2C bus. I've noticed the IAAS bit gets set in the I2Cx_S I2C Status Register when data is sent on the I2C bus no matter whether it occurs directly after a start condition (slave address condition) or embedded in data later in the stream. I've pulled up a scope to check the SCLK and SDA lines and do not appear to have a glitch condition occurring for the Start and Stop conditions (they appear to be in the right spots). Does any one have any suggestions/remedies for this? I noticed there's a Start byte in the reserved addresses for the I2C specification, is this for the purpose of uC's that are not able to accommodate this (detecting the Start condition)? Please let me know what I'm doing wrong here. I just want the uC to be able to differentiate between data and a slave address based on where in the stream the byte falls with respect to the start condition.