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settings for GPIO interrupt

Question asked by Christopher Telemann on Jan 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2016 by Christopher Telemann

hy all,


im workinh with i.mx6 quad on a custom board.kernel 3.19.

i want to use interrupt "104 GPIO4 Combined interrupt indication for GPIO4 signals 0 - 15." calling request_irq() always returns -22 (invalid argument).

this happens for every combined interrupt indication.


i can request other interrupts so it should be a problem with the gpios.


my workaround so far:

     1. setting PAD MUX to GPIO

     2. setting PAD CTRL

     3. Setting gpio direction register as input (GPIOx_GDIR)

     4. setting gpio interrupt configuration register as rising edge sensitive (GPIOx_IC2)

     5. setting gpio interrupt mask register to enable interrupt (GPIOx_IMR)

     6. request_irq()


did i miss something?