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SGTL5000 Audio - No Playback

Question asked by Paul DeMetrotion on Jan 4, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2016 by Paul DeMetrotion

I have a custom device based on the i.MX6Q with the SGTL5000 Audi CODEC. I cannot get anything to output on my speakers using aplay. I hear a pop when I hit return but no audio. Here is the device tree section I have created for our device:


    sound {

     compatible = "fsl,imx-audio-sgtl5000";

        model = "imx-audio-sgtl5000";

        cpu-dai = <&ssi1>;

        audio-codec = <&codec>;

        audio-routing =

     "MIC_IN", "Mic Jack",

     "Mic Jack", "Mic Bias",

     "LINE_IN", "Line In Jack",

     "LINE_OUT", "Line Out Jack",

     "Headphone Jack", "HP_OUT";

        mux-int-port = <2>;

        mux-ext-port = <5>;



&i2c1 {

  clock-frequency = <100000>;

  pinctrl-names = "default";

  pinctrl-0 = <&pinctrl_i2c1>;

  status = "okay";



    codec: sgtl5000@0a {

    compatible = "fsl,sgtl5000";

        reg = <0x0a>;

  VDDA-supply = <&reg_3p3v>;

  VDDIO-supply = <&reg_3p3v>;

  clocks = <&codec_osc>;




&ssi1 {

  fsl,mode = "i2s-slave";

  status = "okay";




When the kernel boots, I get the following output:


ALSA: Restoring mixer settings...

No state is present for card imxaudiosgtl500

Found hardware: "imx-audio-sgtl5" "" "" "" ""

Hardware is initialized using a generic method

No state is present for card imxaudiosgtl500


Has anybody seen this type of kernel message?


When I get to the prompt, this is the cards seen by the kernel:


root@imx6qc398:~# cat /proc/asound/cards

0 [imxaudiosgtl500]: imx-audio-sgtl5 - imx-audio-sgtl5000