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Regarding MPC8640D Failed to reset the target (core did not halt)

Question asked by naga jyothi on Jan 4, 2016

Hi  all,


We are working on a project CPCI Based SBC Board using MPC8640D processor.  We are working with our developed board since last two months successfully. Recently we got a problem with our board while using. We are facing the problem with  Failed to reset the target (MPC8640d Core.  

Again we are in initial stage problem. We are suspecting the power and clock signals, everything is fine. And hardware reset of the board is also fine.


Here, I attached log file. Please look at this once.

The following error is getting in log file.


CCS: 0000   :     ccs_reset_to_debug

CCS: :           serverh = 0

CCS: :           cc = 0

CCS: :     ccs_reset_to_debug; ccs_error = 39

CCS: :           Error message:

MPC8641 Core: Core not responding


Can you give me some guidance in interpreting this error ?


Thanks and Regards,


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