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MPC5606B : Driving of Micro Stepper Driver (MSD) through EMIOS function

Question asked by Ningu C on Jan 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2016 by Petr Stancik

Hello ,


In one of our application we need to drive the Micro Stepper Driver through EMIOS module.


I am little confused which mode of EMIOS will suit for Micro Stepper Driver.


The external Micro Stepper Driver (MSD) consists of 3 pins :


Enable Pin : Driven by GPIO port of MPC5606B

Direction Pin : Driven by GPIO port of MPC5606B

Pulse Pin : Driven by EMIOS port of MPC5606B


The MSD does not need the conventional PWM signal instead it needs edge triggered pulses of fixed number.


The application calculates the frequency and no of pulses to be fed to MSD. [ Duty cycle is fixed to 50%]


So with one pin from EMIOS to MSD I need to send a fixed number pulses and stop when the pulses expires.

eg : 10Khz with 25,000 pulses of fixed 50% duty cycle.


Let me know how i could use the EMIOS module to suit this function.



Raghavendra P