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ubuntu15.10 mpc8308 ltib出错

Question asked by Jack Jie on Dec 31, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2016 by alexander.yakovlev

ubuntu15.10 mpc8308 ltib出错




Processing platform: Host support packages


using /home/ltib-mpc8308erdb-20100413/config/platform/host/ltib.preconfig


Processing: fake-provides



Processing: mkspooflinks



Processing: distcc



Processing: ccache



Processing: bison



Processing: flex



Processing: texinfo



Processing: autoconf



Processing: libtool



Processing: lkc


Build path taken because: directory build, no prebuilt rpm,


Cowardly refusing to clobber existing directory:


Remove this by hand if you really want to rebuild this package from scratch


Died at ./ltib line 1380.







Started: Wed Dec 30 20:14:57 2015

Ended:   Wed Dec 30 20:14:57 2015

Elapsed: 0 seconds


These packages failed to build:



Build Failed





inline int next_id(int id, bool forward)  to int next_id(int id, bool forward)


gcc -O -Wall -g -fPIC -c conf.c -o conf.o

bison -l -b zconf -p zconf zconf.y

flex -L -Pzconf zconf.l

gcc -O0 -Wall -g -fPIC -c -o

gcc  conf.o -o conf

gcc -O0 -Wall -g -fPIC -c mconf.c -o mconf.o

cd lxdialog && make

make[1]: Entering directory '/opt/freescale/ltib/usr/src/rpm/BUILD/lkc-1.4/lxdialog'

cc  -DCURSES_LOC="<ncurses.h>" -I. -c checklist.c -o checklist.o

cc  -DCURSES_LOC="<ncurses.h>" -I. -c menubox.c -o menubox.o

cc  -DCURSES_LOC="<ncurses.h>" -I. -c textbox.c -o textbox.o

cc  -DCURSES_LOC="<ncurses.h>" -I. -c yesno.c -o yesno.o

cc  -DCURSES_LOC="<ncurses.h>" -I. -c inputbox.c -o inputbox.o

cc  -DCURSES_LOC="<ncurses.h>" -I. -c util.c -o util.o

cc  -DCURSES_LOC="<ncurses.h>" -I. -c msgbox.c -o msgbox.o

ar rc lxdialog.a checklist.o menubox.o textbox.o yesno.o inputbox.o util.o msgbox.o

ranlib lxdialog.a

make[1]: Leaving directory '/opt/freescale/ltib/usr/src/rpm/BUILD/lkc-1.4/lxdialog'

gcc   mconf.o lxdialog/lxdialog.a -o mconf -lncurses




主要是使用ubuntu15.10 64位存在这样的问题,有人在这个系统上运行成功过吗?