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complete SPI driver code (including all api  with functionalities) for MPC5744p

Question asked by Padmalatha gudipally on Jan 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2016 by Pat

Hello ALL,


Iam working on MPC5744P evalutiona board, In that iam trying to implement the complete SPI driver code  with all api' s like  spi_init, SPI_send, SPI_receive, SPI_clockPolarity, SPI_CLockphase,SPI_baudratechange etc , SPI is having 4 ports (SPI0,SPI1,SPI2, SPI3),so we need to selct all ports anf need to inplement in such way that to set all clock, polarity, phase, baudrate, tranfer,  SO Please can you  provide the complete SPI driver code (including all API's with complete functinality) for MPC5744P ?