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why supervisor-TPS3700 output square wave when volage under UVLO?

Question asked by 翔李 on Jan 2, 2016
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The TI is so bad that i give up to look for them,so,thanks NXP-FSL for helping me.

I use tps3700 to supervisor 12V in the car,when voltage below 10V,the tps3700 must output 0 to the PNP+PMOS or DCDC ic.

when there is no load in the board,tps3700 work well,but,when the load is 12v@0.65A,tps3700 output square wave(between 0 to 10V change) while the voltage between 9.8V~10V.


also,if do not use tps3700,the pnp+pmos or DCDC ic work well.


The attachments are schematic diagram.


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