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MPC5748G SMPU Implemenation issue

Question asked by Bhagyashri Rathod on Jan 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2016 by Lukas Zadrapa



We are using MPC5748G  microcontroller. We are implementing SMPU feature in our product. We have come across one issue, details are mentioned below:


1) Enabled GVLD bit  of SMPU_1, Trying to write a value to address which is not accessible i.e Read/Write Protected.

2) As per protection feature Exception has to be triggered on writing .

3) In our case, unable to get Exception on writing that address, but on reading that address  IVOR2 exception is triggered.


I have some queries regarding this issue.

1) Is there any setting we need to do for Exception on Writing of write protected  address?

2) Please share the sample code, in which exception is handled on Read and write.


I have refered the sample code from portal, but exception is not handled in that sample code. Please reply us as soon as possible.




Bhagyashri Rathod