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iMX280 signed HAB boot issues

Question asked by Jeff Morgan on Dec 29, 2015
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I'm trying to get secure and encrypted boots working with the iMX280.  My current setup consists of loading the bootloader through USB, and then burning it to a NAND chip.  There is no SD card reader on the board.  Using the ltib build system, with linux kernel and u-boot 2009.08.


Currently, I'm following a mix of AN4555 and this post: .  After updating the .bd files and source files with the patches, and some other minor tweaks, I've got both the ivt_linux and ivt_uboot building, and the ivt_linux build works properly, while the ivt_uboot fails after power/boot prep with "0x8050100c" when trying to do the final jump into u-boot.  However, on a board that I have burned the SRK into, along with burning HAB_CONFIG OTP field to HAB_CLOSED, I get the following error on boot (for both u-boot and linux ivts):





Which looks like the board is loading everything up until the call to power_prep, and then being unable to find the bootlets, it reverts to the expected 0x80508002 error at not being able to find a boot source.


Before burning the OTP fuses I received no HAB errors, though I'm not sure if this is because it was truly error-free, or if there was a mistake in setting up the error reporting. 


Are these errors popping up due to incorrectly signing the bootlets?  Or maybe a problem with burning the OTP fuses incorrectly (with incorrect values, the process works properly)?  Or is it a matter of mapping the bootlet sections incorrectly in the .bd/linker files?  I have a feeling that's the issue with the u-boot booting at least, but I'm at a loss for the linux boot.


Any help is appreciated!


Thank you,

Jeff M.