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FreeMASTER API or Remote Server manipulation (HTTP)

Question asked by ABHISHEK SAXENA on Dec 29, 2015

Hey guys,

                  I am looking for a way to expose FreeMaster controls by means of an API or some sort of a remote control. However a gui web-base or otherwise is not needed. I am hoping that there is a way to communicate with FreeMaster through simple HTTP requests and get simple HTTP responses back. Alternatively even a simple cli alternative to FreeMASTER will fit my needs (if there's such a program a url to it's host will greatly be appreciated). I am using an MC9S08MP16 and a 3 stage low power motor that I am controlling with FreeMaster 1.4.4 on a Windows 10 system. Any tutorials/documentation on how to accomplish that are appreciated.

                                       Thank you in advance for your time.