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MKL36Z64 vs MKL33Z64

Question asked by Edgar Equihua on Dec 28, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2015 by jeremyzhou

Hi there,


Can anyone give me some feedback about using KL36 or KL33. The idea is to design a timer with a segment LCD display, not really complex, just I'm planning to use the driver to re-write in flash.

They are very similar in terms of flash, ADC, DAC, SPI, package, pin out, etc. I know they have different cores (not really compatible), one have new Flex IO, etc, etc....  But I looking more info about how is the performance in real applications, if anyone had some problems using one of them, if one require more or specific hardware to work, any problems with LCD controller, you know... more deep out of the specs information.


So, I really appreciate any comment or info you can give me. Thank you.