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QorIQ SDK prerequisites and scope of development?

Question asked by veerendranath jakkam on Dec 28, 2015
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     I have series of questions to get clarified regarding SDK 1.8... please check them below...

          1. Do we need to create cross-tool-chain(powerpc-eabi or powerpc-fsl-linux) to generate images for QorIQ processors using SDK? If not where is the Cross-Tool-chain is located in SDK?

          2. I want to develop Bare board application for T1024RDB using SDK. Is there any tutorial for guidance?

          3. Can we use "powerpc-fsl-linux-*" cross tools for designing bare board application? if not how it will effect? and how to create "powerpc-eabi-*" cross tool chain using SDK?

          4. How to develop u-boot standalone binaries (programs which can run in u-boot environment) using SDK?

          5. how to create "qemu-system-ppc/ppc64" executable in HOST PC to emulate binaries/images generated by SDK in HOST PC it self?

          6. In the scope of development what is difference between Code Warrior and SDK?