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Is it the USB TAP don't support the 32-bit data bus of the MPC8245?

Question asked by xuchao li on Dec 25, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2016 by lunminliang

I made a simple board based upon MPC8245. Flash is 8-bit, SDRAM is 32 bit connected to MDH[0:31](composed by 2 IS42S16800F).  For debugging purpose we use CodeWarrior Power Architecture 8.8  + CodeWarrior USB TAP (16 pin JTAG interface). When I try to  write to SDRAM, the address end by 0x4 and by 0xc is 0x0000_0000,address end by 0x0 and by 0x8 is the data I this: 0x0000_0100 : 0x1234_5678 ,0x0000_0000,0x1234_5678,0x0000_0000.I try to write in any different sequence,the result is same.Then I read the space of the ROM,the same result.  So I conjecture this problem is caused by the emulator . few days ago some one tell me that the USB TAP support only 64bit configration of MPC8245, I must  verify this is correct or not,and then I have to make a decision to buy another emulator that can support the 32-bit data bus of MPC8245. IMG_20151217_095553.jpgIMG_20151221_172323.jpgIMG_20151221_180308.jpgIMG_20151217_095603.jpg