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How To Configure KDS to Use External Clock?

Question asked by Chao Dong on Dec 29, 2015
Latest reply on May 25, 2016 by VIGNESH BALAJI

We encountered a problem in using external clock in KDS2.0 for KEA128. We tried on TRK-KEA128 board with both external crystal and external reference clock settings, but both do not work in a new KDS project with only a KEA128 CPU in.


With external crystal settings, the test code (auto generated main()) halts at checking whether the clock is running in CPU_Init(), and the voltages on PTB6 and PTB7 are both zero, no clock waveform can be seen at all.


While with external refernce clock settings, we removed the 2 resistors connecting the crystal to the CPU, and made the crystal generate 8MHz clock waveform with necessary resistors and capacitors, the 8MHz clock waveform was generated correctly and be fed into EXTAL pin, however the same code halts at checking whether there is an external reference clock in CPU_Init().


Please could anyone tell us how to configure the external clock in KDS.


There are some pictures for configurations of external crystal here: Please Help To Get CAN Work With 2 TRK-KEA128 Boards Connected Together With CAN BUS


Thanks in advance.