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Some questions about FXTH780902

Question asked by 敏华 万 on Dec 28, 2015

Hi,I'm working with a FXTH870902  sensor. I encounter  some questions about transfer equations  when I'm reading the datasheet  FXTH8700_spec.pdf,as follows:


    P = ΔP450 × PCODE +(100 – ΔP450)            Eqn. 1

    what 's means respectively about P, ΔP450, PCODE.  what's  relationship between them ,  pressure  in TPMS_READ_PRESSURE()  ,and pressure  in  TPMS_COMP_PRESSURE();   what's relationship between P in Eqn. 1  with actual pressure?




     T = ΔT×TCODE – 55                                     Eqn. 3

       what 's means respectively about T,  ΔT, TCODE .  what's relationship between them,  temperature  in TPMS_READ_TEMPERATURE(), and temperature  in TPMS_COMP_TEMPERATURE(); what's relationship between T in Eqn. 3  with actual tempetature?





     VINT = ΔVINT × VCODE + 1.22                        Eqn. 4

     what 's means respectively about  VINT, ΔVINT, VCODE . what's relationship between them,  voltage  in TPMS_READ_VOLTAGE()  ,and voltage  in TPMS_COMP_VOLTAGE();  what's relationship between VINT in Eqn. 4  with actual voltage?




     ΔAy-STEP =(Ay-STEP @ AyCODE510 – Ay-STEP @ AyCODE1) ⁄ 510                  Eqn. 6


     what 's means respectively about  ΔAy-STEP, Ay-STEP @ AyCODE510, Ay-STEP @ AyCODE1 in Eqn. 6


      Ay = ΔAy-STEP × AyCODE +(Ay-STEP @ AyCODE1 – ΔAy-STEP)                        Eqn. 7


     I want to kown what 's means respectively about  Ay, AyCODE . what's relationship between them,  acceleration in TPMS_READ_ACCELERATION()  ,and acceleration  in TPMS_COMP_ACCELERATION();   what's relationship between Ay in Eqn.7  with actual acceleration?