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Write N bytes to slave device with SC18IM700

Question asked by Etienne Pierre on Dec 24, 2015

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to find out a solution to write more than 16 byte on the UART link on SC18IM700.

Indeed, if I transmit more than the size of the FIFO input buffer (16 bytes) when I am "Write N bytes to slave device", there are random informations which are transmitted to the I2C bus. So the component doesn't succeed to save all the bytes which are transmitted.

I've tried to put a delay (less than 655ms as explained in the dataseet) between each bytes transmitted in order to be sure that the component has enough time to read each byte before the buffer is full but it's similary as a writing without delay.

It's necessary to me to be able to send 33 bytes in one I2C frame but with this problem, I can only send 12 bytes (1 (Start )+ 1 (Adresse) + 1 (Nb bytes to write) + 1 (Stop) + 12 (Data N) = 16 bytes).


So have you got any idea to solve my problem ?