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K64 External SRAM Question

Question asked by Zhuangping Cui on Dec 23, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2015 by Hui_Ma


       Everyone, I am now using K64 as CPU core of my board. I Use an External SRAM (IS61LV51216) which have a size of 1M Byte as a supplement space of my board. However, I encountered a question  when I want to access upper 512k of the chip. I Map the whole 1M address to my internal address( 0x70000000-0x701000000). I can't access the address greater than 0x7008000. When I change the map address to( 0x70080000-0x701800000) , I can access the address(0x70080000-0x701000000) and can't access the remaining? Is there has any method to map to 1M external space?

      There, I have another question. Does the access speed of internal sram and external sram has great difference? When I use internal sram as my calculate variable,occupancy rate of cpu is 41%, which change to 97% when I defined my varible to external. Is there has any method to promote the external sram access speed?