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Simple UART Interrupt Routine

Question asked by PHIL HALE on Dec 23, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2017 by fan bowo

I am working on a very simple project that interacts with a UART port using interrupts. My plan is to use the Peripheral Driver, "fsl_uart", and the RX/TX callback routines.

ScreenHunter_113 Dec. 23 15.51.jpg

At one point, I thought I got it to enter UART_DRV_IRQHandler but haven't been able to get it to work again. Either way, it never got to uartCom0_RxCallback when I entered a keystroke on the UART port. I have been able to get the UART_DRV_SendData and UART_DRV_ReceiveData in a polling kind of mode. My preference, at least on the receive side, is to always use the interrupt routine to process these inputs from the UART port.


Any ideas what is going on?