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MPC560xB exceptions

Question asked by Peter Strbek on Dec 23, 2015

Hello all,


want to configure the exception-vector-table in RAM starting at address 4000_1000 with an entry location every 0x10 bytes: 4000_1000, 4000_1010 ... 4000_10F0. To achieve this,

I initialize IVPR with 4000_0000 and IVOR0..15 with 0000_1000...0000_10F0 using the following code:


e_lisr0,   0
e_or2ir0,   0x4000
mtsprivpr, r0
e_lisr0,  0

e_or2i      r0,  0x1000


ivor0, r0

When executing the last instruction, the program jumps to a different location. Can somebody help?