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imx6 solo Linux driver not work for SPANSION SPI nor flash

Question asked by edison xu on Dec 22, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2015 by Gary Swalling

HI Community,

     I use IMX6 SOLO YOCTO 3.10.x kernel on my board with SPANSION SPI Nor FLASH (S25FL128S), I've update U-BOOT to support it. In the kernel, I expect m25p80.c could work with spi-imx driver however it seems not works (fail on the Jedec probe phase). After a closer look (compared with the U-BOOT drivers), seems the spi-imx driver expect the device is with 8 bits/words, and issue multiple burst (negative the CS after 8 bits boundary) on the device. Obviously it won't work on my FLASH memory because the device expect continuously CS/CLK to shift out the JEDEC ID. Any idea to support it or I must modify the controller driver?