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T1040RDB boot other cores

Question asked by Rommel Custodio on Dec 21, 2015
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I'd like to know how to boot the other cores on the T1040RDB.

The PDF files in the SDK that I have does not provide the information.



T1040RDB is 4-core. When Linux boots only one core is available.

root@t1040rdb:~# cat /proc/cpuinfo

processor       : 0

cpu             : e5500

clock           : 1400.000000MHz

revision        : 2.0 (pvr 8024 1020)

bogomips        : 75.00



total bogomips  : 75.00

timebase        : 37500000

platform        : T104x RDB

model           : fsl,T1040RDB

Memory          : 4096 MB


During boot-up log shows this:


No cpu-release-addr for cpu 1

smp: failed starting cpu 1 (rc -2)

No cpu-release-addr for cpu 2

smp: failed starting cpu 2 (rc -2)

No cpu-release-addr for cpu 3

smp: failed starting cpu 3 (rc -2)

Brought up 1 CPUs


Kernel and FDT is from the SDK. SDK is "QorIQ-SDK-T2080V1.1-T1040V0.3-SOURCE-20140422-yocto"

I have no other version of the SDK.


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