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PWM_LDD or TimerOut_LDD

Question asked by Harold Vogel on Dec 18, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2016 by Harold Vogel

I am new to Processor Expert.  Using Code Warrior 10.6 for MKL36Z128VLL4 and MKL36Z256VLL4.  I am trying to send a 2Khz to 5Khz signal to a Piezoelectric device.  I have tried setting up the TimerOut_LDD but methods SetPulseWidthUS/MS and SetPulseWidth are grayed out, this signal is to be a 50% duty cycle and from reading online documents it seems that the TimerOut_LDD is the way to go.


The TimerOut_LDD refers to a 'Runtime setting" which needs to be configured to have the above items available.  I cannot find this value nor can I find an explanation, that I understand, of what it is or where it is located.


Am I using the right item or should I go with the PWM_LDD or some other way?


For any way that I should go I would like detailed instructions on how to set it up and why this is the way to go.


Thanks in advance for your help.