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iMX6DL OTA upgradtion failure over Ethernet

Question asked by Ananth C G on Dec 19, 2015


We are trying to upgrade the Android using OTA over Ethernet. We don't have WiFi in our custom board. We have Ethernet and GSM/GPRS options. We followed the procedure as per Android_Frequently_Asked_Questions.pdf, Section 34. We created a ota-site folder and inside ota-site we created a sabresd_6q folder. Inside sabresd_6q we added build.prop and In out/target/product/sabresd_6dq/system/etc/ we edited the ota.conf file with our server IP and port number. We verified the ethernet connectivity on iMX6DL. When we clicked on Additional System updates in Settings -> About Tablet, we got an error - Error : Can not connect to server. Can anyone please suggest as to what could be the problem or guide us if there is anything wrong in the procedure we followed.


Thanks in advance.