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Initialisation ADC channels in MQX

Question asked by Utsavi Kalpesh Bharuchwala on Dec 18, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2015 by Daniel Chen



I am working with CodeWarrior v10.6 and of MQX v4.0.


In my project I take a demo of ADC of MQX. Demo works perfectly.


Now i want to understand the each term of ADC_INIT_CHANNEL_STRUCT.


In adc.h file, parameters are defined with single line comment.


I do googling but seems helpless to get any document for understanding each parameters of ADC_INIT_CHANNEL_STRUCT.


Also there are lots of question i want to know. Here is a list of that all.




(Say I put ADC_CHANNEL_START_TRIGGERED flag but defined time_offset to 0 then.. What exactly difference between these two flags .?  )


2. What is the relation between time_offset and time_period and flags?


As ADC conversion time is appx 6 usec, and I put time_period of 15usec with ADC_CHANNEL_START_TRIGGERED flag and 1000 usec time_offset ....But seems not working for me...!!


(In my project I am using 12 channels for ADC and for each channel initialization I am putting 15usec time_period with 1000 usec time_offset  and ADC_CHANNEL_START_NOW flag except for channel 1 and 2. ........ for channel 1 and 2 i need to put 150usec time_period then it works for me...Why this is so?   )


3. Is it necessary that at least a single channel among 12 channels must be initialize with ADC_CHANNEL_START_TRIGGERED flag?



Please help me to get rid of this confusions...!!




Utsavi Bharuchwala