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Is there an easy way to change KSDK in a project from standalone to linked?

Question asked by dave408 on Dec 18, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2015 by dave408

I have a mixture of firmware projects that either use KSDK in standalone or linked mode.  I would now like to change the project so that it's using KSDK in linked mode (to the files installed by KSDK 1.2), but I do not want to have to create a new project with the wizard and copy my files over, if possible.


Can anyone here please present the ways they have done it?  I have tried some experiments, but they all have their set of problems:


  1. Import -> File System -> Advanced -> Create links in workspace.  This will probably work and create only linked resources, but the problem is that it includes *everything* and not just the stuff related to my processor of interest.
  2. New -> Folder -> Advanced -> Link to alternate location (Linked Folder).  This creates a linked folder and has the same problem as above, but the additional problem that the new KSDK folder in my project is a link, but all files underneath it are physical files.  So when I delete the subfolder in KSDK that aren't necessary (there is no option to not delete the files), it deletes the linked files installed by KSDK 1.2.


What I'm looking for is something that results in a linked KSDK folder in my project layout that links to c:\Freescale\KSDK_1.2.0 (the installed files), but only links to the files specific to my processors (MK64FN1M0VLL12 and MK22FN256VLL12), and creates file links, not physical copies to my project folder.  In addition, the links should be such that when I delete them, KDS does not delete the files in c:\Freescale\KSDK_1.2.0.


The next thing I plan to try is to manually copy the KSDK-specific bits from another project and see if that works.  For my K64 project, I have a feeling that I will have to create a new K64 project in linked mode and manually copy over to my current project, or copy all of the code and settings to the new one....


EDIT -- I've just created a new project using the MK22F12810 (forgot I also had one of those), and then copied and pasted the links from .project over to my current firmware project.  I get a few compiler errors saying that it can't find some header files.  It didn't have a problem finding them before, so perhaps in this case it's a compiler settings issue.