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Hi Everybody,

Question asked by Dhanya Hegde on Dec 20, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2015 by alexander.yakovlev


In regards to my application design , I am trying to interface a dual port asynchronous SRAM behaving as a shared memory between the IMX6 and Zynq 7020 device. Could you please tell me the end connections for the SRAM i.e, can i use EIM port on the IMX6 and GPIO`s on Zynq FPGA and stil establishg the communication between the IMX6 and Zynq to reach upto 2Gbps speed ? If so then could you please tell me how do I go about choosing the GPIO`s on the FPGA. Keeping in mind that its Zynq XC7Z020 FPGA as it does not support PCIe.

Or is there any other way of connecting this SRAM in between the IMX6 and this particular FPGA?

Looking forward for help, thanks in advance.