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DDR3 Address Mirror Issues on MX6DL

Question asked by tony.l.cai on Dec 20, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2015 by LPP

Hi all,

     MX6DL supports DDR3 address mirror,I have read lot of documents,but I have some problems about this feature:

     1.This feature only can be applied to the second Rank. why?

     2. And our board has one Rank, I have enabled this feature, I didn't find some bugs,Could I open this feature?

     3. For this feature, the addr lines: A3,A4; A5,A6; A7,A8; BA0,BA1; they connect to each other, Why doesn't the W/R operation make any error? Actually,I can't understand  why do these pin can connect to each other?



   Please help me,thank you ~