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Default_ISR during KSDK initialization

Question asked by Marco Aurelio P. Coelho on Dec 17, 2015
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My customer is working on a project with MK22FN256 and we are facing a strange problem. We noticed that we always fall into an unhandled interrupt service routine "Default_ISR", but we have no idea of what is causing it and we don't know how to see it in KDS Debugger.


His project is bare-metal and doesn't use Processor Expert.


We carefully checked out his intialization code, but we didn't see anything wrong. Default_ISR is always called at the same point in the firmware, no matter if we add or remove lines. So, any ramdom event may be causing this interrupt. Even if we disable global interrupts, the problem remains.


Can anybody help us on that please?


Bellow, we post a video showing the problem. Here you can see Default_ISR happens as we enter "CLOCK_SYS_EnableRtcClock" function, but if we insert some lines with "nop", for example, it change the point.


outdiv - YouTube


Have attached his project, for analysis purpose.




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