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KDS is referring to incorrect files when I click on "Open Declaration"

Question asked by Priya Dwivedula on Dec 17, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2015 by Priya Dwivedula

I modified existing KSDK libraries for MK22F512 MCU to make them work for MK22F256 MCU. I changed all the project settings, linker files, changed CPU etc. The project compiles fine and it also seems to link correct files from MK22F256 because if I try to call any function from MK22F512, I get an error or a message saying that the function is implicitly declared. This makes me think that its compiling and linking the correct files but when I right click on a function and select "Open Declaration", I see that it takes me to the files from MK22F512 folder. I tried deleting the files in MK22F512 folder and I still see that KDS takes me to an empty file named after MK22F512.


Please advice me on what I am doing wrong?