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My MQX4.2 projects often get stuck

Question asked by wang yufei on Dec 17, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2015 by Daniel Chen

Hello everyone, my program is run on the MQX4.2 KSDK1.2 based board is frdmk64f

But my program on MQX4.2 always met with some strange questions

For example, the same code, such as I2C or CAN communication transmit and receive code,

the same code which was run ok in a project without MQX RTOS

when it  was run on the project with MQX will be have some strange problems

For example, when I put the code of  CAN initialization and CAN transmission  together in a function,it will run ok,but when I Separate them in two function then run in a task,it will not to be sent.

I2C exactly the same code works ok in a project without MQX rtos, but will be sent out in the waveform is not right with the  MQX rtos .

and the project with mqx often when I Modify some parameters



I'm really more dizzy,

Even I was only create One MQX task in the project it was  still have  the problem!!!