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u-boot getting hanged at tlb creation for mapping of 32 bit to 36 bit addressing

Question asked by agxin j on Dec 17, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2015 by agxin j

Dear sir,


we are facing some issue when the processor P2041  is trying to do this operation while loading the uboot code  through debugger we have observed that it is while creating tlb entries for 32 to 36 bit address translation In create_ccsr_new_tlb section it is raising an excpetion “FPUnavailable” from 0xfffff220 and going to expetion handler 0xeff40800.

In some cases it also raises expetion “InstructionTLBError” from 0xfffff224 and goes to handler 0xeff40e00.

We are stuck at this point. we are using our own custom board similar to p2041rdb,How to proceed ahead ?

PFA for the screenshots of Codewarrior Debugger.