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ADC triggered by FlexTimer in PE

Question asked by JOON HO RA on Dec 16, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2015 by Alice_Yang

Hello everyone~

Fiistt of all... I'm Korean then have a poor English skill... forgive me.


(IDE : KDS3.0, MCU : K10FN1M0VLQ12)

I want ADC0~ADC3 to be triggered by Flextimer for simultaneous four ADC results , so configured ADC0 (for just test) and FTM0(TU1) like below.




then, I insert init and enable code like below. I referenced 'ADC_LDD Typical Usage' in PE.




but This code is never interrupted by 'ADC0_OnMeasurementComplete(LDD_TUserData *UserDataPtr)'.

I tried SW triggered ADC, it's working. but HW trigger didn't.


I dont know what's the problem.

plz, help me.