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Working sets (MQX-specific)

Question asked by David Sherman on Dec 16, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2016 by David Sherman

I'm making a new MQX BSP for a K10.  One thing I'm a little confused on is the directory structure.  I had previously used the twr-k20d50m board and had MQX running on it.  If I import the working set for one of the examples for the twr-k20d50m, I see the BSP, PSP, and application trees.  If I look at the properties for the directories and files within them, I see directories for the peripheral drivers such as:




I can see that same directory in:




However, the contents of Peripheral_IO_Drivers is empty in that exact location.


It appears that the contents are actually being referenced in:




Interestingly, KDS seems to show that they are actually in the bsp build directory.


So, am I correct that it's actually referencing directories in the MQX source directory?


That leads to my next question, my new BSP is based on the K60.  The BSP porting tool made a new one alright, but it includes build directories for ethernet and USB, which don't apply to the K10.  I'm assuming that these can be removed from the project to ignore them (I've already excluded them in the build) without affecting the contents of the MQX source directory.