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Powering SD3 port with NVCC_LOW

Question asked by ambroisealgrin on Dec 16, 2015
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I'm working on a custom board based on an iMX6 solo X (ref.: MCIMX6X1CVO08AB).


On the SD3 port, i have a WL1805 module which works in 1V8. The SD3 port is powered by NVCC_HIGH(3V1 on my board) and NVCC_LOW (1V8).


I am booting from an eMMC on SD4 port from fuse. In Table 5-6. MMC/eMMC Boot Fusemap,BOOT_CFG2[1] is use for setting SD3 voltage. Is BOOT_CFG2[1] worked only when booting from SD3, or it could be use in my case for setting the SD3 port power when booting from SD4 ?


If not, how can i set SD3 power to NVCC_LOW in linux ?


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