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Kinetis K65 with SDRAM 512Mb

Question asked by jdohnal on Dec 16, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2015 by jdohnal

Is it possible to connect the MCU MK65 to SDRAM MT48LC64M8A2? SDRAM has 8192 rows by 2048 columns, 10 columns A[9:0] SDRAM can be connected to A[16:9], A[22:20], A18 of MK65FN2M0VMI18, which is described in table 35-9 K65P169M180SF5RMV2.pdf. But on the page 890 is "The maximum SDRAM address size is 128 Mbits" and I want to connect SDRAM 512Mbit (64MB). Isn't this limit determined only for FlexBus and SDRAM can exceed this limit?