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Which reset switch wiring is best to do i.MX6 POR every time?

Question asked by torus1000 on Dec 16, 2015
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I compared circuit diagrams between MX6Q,MX6SL and MX6SX-SDB then found  STM6779YWB6F added to the PMIC_PWRON line.
Please see attached. According to the Note ii*, the purpose of this modification is as following.

*Note ii
Delay the PMIC_PWRON >500ms for the
1st-time power-on (VSNVS_3V0 is first applied),
to ensure 32.768kHz xtal osc output is stable.

So I just want to know the importance of this modification.


- Is the scope of this Note for the i.MX6SX only? Or all MX6-SDB should add STM6779YWB6F?
- Is it mandatory or is it OK to leave it if I don't care when my first manual reset ignored?
- Which reset switch wiring is best to do POR every time? (see below)


Can anyone help me?