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T2080 - Cores not ready

Question asked by Graham Bardouleau on Dec 15, 2015
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     I have a custom board using the QorIQ T2080 processor.  When the board powers up, it appears to complete the power-on reset sequence correctly, but the cores of the T2080 don't have the 'core ready' bit set in the DCFG_CCSR_CRSTSRn registers.  This is true for all of the cores.  The RCW is loaded via the I2C bus and the register contents are correctly seen in the DCFG_CCSR_RCWSRn registers.  I have checked the status of the SerDes PLLs and they are locked and seem to be happy.  I can access registers using a emulator via the COP header on the board and that seems to work fine.  I just cannot execute any code, which I assume is due to the cores not being ready.


     The reference manual states that the 'core ready' bit could be cleared if a core is in the PH10 or PH15 power saving state, but that does not appear to be the case when looking at the RPCM_TPH10SR0 and RPCM_PCPH15SR0 registers.


     The problem is seen when performing a power cycle, as well as when performing an emulator reset.


Any insight or suggestions of things to try or look at would be appreciated,


Best regards,


Graham Bardouleau.