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ls1021atwr with yocto

Question asked by 浩卢 on Dec 16, 2015
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I can't build ls1021a in yocto,anyone help me ?here is the log;


luhao@ubuntu:/root/LS1021A-SDK-V1.2-20140829-yocto$ source ./fsl-setup-poky -m ls1021atwr -t 4

WARNING: neither of meta-fsl-{ppc,arm} layer locates at /root/LS1021A-SDK-V1.2-20140829-yocto or /root/LS1021A-SDK-V1.2-20140829-yocto/../

ERROR: Specified an invalid machine type!

Usage: . /root/LS1021A-SDK-V1.2-20140829-yocto/fsl-setup-poky <-m machine>

    Optional parameters:

    * [-j jobs]:  number of jobs for make to spawn during the compilation stage.

    * [-t tasks]: number of BitBake tasks that can be issued in parallel.

    * [-d path]:  non-default path of DL_DIR (downloaded source)

    * [-c path]:  non-default path of SSTATE_DIR (shared state Cache)

    * [-b path]:  non-default path of project folder (build_${machine}_release)

    * [-s string]:  append an extra string to project folder

    * [-l]:       lite mode. To help conserve disk space, deletes the building

                  directory once the package is built.

    * [-p]:       append fsl cache and source mirrors (For FSL Internal Use Only)

    * [-h]:       help