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GCC 4.0 for compiling android_lollipop

Question asked by Senthil Kumar on Dec 14, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2016 by gusarambula

Hi guys,


I am trying to compile android lollipop following the android documents obtained from freescale website(now NXP).I found a note mentioned in it "Because default GCC toolchain from android-5.0.2_rl release is GCC 4.8,which may have issues on ARM Linux kernel compiling,the GCC 4.0 from android-4.4.3_rl is used to compile the Linux Kernel and U-Boot".

So I was forced to stop and started searching GCC 4.0 for compiling lollipop,my question is where to find GCC 4.0 or if GCC 4.6 is sufficient,please reply.