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Dual video stream capture and compression using iMX6 Dual/Quad

Question asked by LUCIANO SCACCABAROZZI on Dec 15, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2015 by LUCIANO SCACCABAROZZI

We need to compress two video streams in parallel (H264) with the iMX6Dual/Qauad.

The video stream should be 8 bits parallel YCrCb (4:2:2) on the CSI4 to CSI19 lanes.


We didn't find information on how to connect the two parallel video stream to the CSI port: one strem connected to CS4-CS11  and the other one connected to CSI12-CSI19 ?


Then, the compression performances of the iMX6Dual/Quad are enough for two simultaneous video stream at D1 resolution (729x576, 50 Hz) and H264 coding ?

The compressed streams shall then be transmitted through the Etehrnet port.


Thanks to everyone takes care of this post