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DDR Calibration on i.MX53 - REVISTED

Question asked by Scott Kerstein on Dec 15, 2015
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This posting is regarding a previous post:


That post is relevant to my problem, but does not have the complete answer.

It says that we have to make a program that runs the calibration routines (calibration.c) in IRAM.  It also points to processor expert for Imx53, which does not seem to work as per the post.


The steps are not very clear about making the program and running it in IRAM. I will appreciate, if you could offer a little more guidance.


I know, there is StressTester.exe which we use to do ddr stress test. However, I need an application (or source) to run the calibration and get the proper values for some production boards in the field that are acting strangly.


I have some routines I got from Application Note (AN4466), but I am not sure how can I run those routines. These routines are supposed to be run in CPU ram, so obviously there has to be an application on PC that connects to IMX53 using USB and run these routines.


Thanks for your help in advance,