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Migrating to KSD1.3

Question asked by Kyi Zaw Win on Dec 14, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2015 by Kyi Zaw Win

Hi all,


I used KSDK1.1 when I start to use Freedom KL25Z. When Freescale released KSDK1.2, I need to take some time as there is fundamental change in PE components. After I had familiar with 1.2, there is 1.3 is released. Since I am setting up my new PC, I thought I should switch to 1.3 and to my surprised, my projects based on 1.2 no longer work and some fundamental components has changed (like Wait). I'd like to know how you guys managed the migration. What should be the best practice I should adopt? Did you guys use PE?


It'll be good if Freescale standardized PE components name. Every new KSDK is new experience to me and I need to learn a few days to familiarized new KSDK components.





Thanks in advance,