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Summary of differences between MPC5748G cut 1 and cut 2 available?

Question asked by Matthias Busch on Dec 14, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2015 by Lukas Zadrapa

Hello All,


I have some trouble using the MPC5748G cut 1 silicon on our evaboard in combination with the current reference manual rev.4 07/2015.


Is there a complete list of differences available (or one of the older reference manuals matching the cut 1 content)?


The things I came cross already (taking up half a week already):

1.) Bootheaders at 0x00FC_0000 and above do not exist

2.) MC_CGM_AC5_SC is located at a completely different address

3.) MC_ME_PS2 does not have a bit for SIUL in cut 2 obviously look at the Lauterbach configuration (and now I don't know how to activate SIUL in cut 1, which most likely prevents me from even switching on an LED on the evaboard)


With best regards

Matthias Busch