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Virtual shortcircuit ?

Question asked by Nitin Harish on Dec 14, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2015 by Gary Segal

I am using MK64FN1MOVMD12 device.


I want to pass through data between PTE9--->PTC17 and PTC16--->PTE8 WITHOUT any CPU intervention, sort of like a virtual short circuit between the pins. Diagram below (virtual connections are drawn by the RED, GREEN, PURPLE, ORANGE lines):





I have tried configuring the PINS as UARTs and then used DMA but this approach entails setting up the baud rate (which I don't want to do as my chip is unaware of any baud rate), secondly I have tried configuring them as GPIOs and then using DMA but again the shortcoming is GPIO DMA trigger acts PORT wise not PIN wise.

What is the smartest way of doing it other than physically shorting the pins.


Any MQX/Kinetis experts want to pitch in ?


Mark Butcher, soledad, David Seymour, Radek Sestak, Maclain Lobdell, Jorge_Gonzalez , Luis Casado, daniel chen, Ben Foose, Ed Smith


I am sure, I am NOT the first one to have this sort of application !


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