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FlexNvm endurance question

Question asked by MAURO ANSALONI on Dec 15, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2015 by MAURO ANSALONI

Hello everybody


In a project I have to write and read from the EEEprom quite often (every ten minutes).

The project uses the FlexNvm of a Kinetis MK10DX32 , partitioned in order to have a ratio of 1/32 among the EEEFlexram and the backup Flash.

The data array that is saved is 158 bytes long, so the expected life of the EEEprom , using the FlexMemory Endurance Calculator is 4,8 years.

I realized that the board will work out of  specs in the second half of the required ten years of life, so I have a big question about the FlexNvm strategy .

what happens when the flash area reserved for backup is considered exhausted ?

Does the FlexNvm state machine  continue to write rotating on the physical locations that do not show write errors or stops the rotation and continues to write on the last location?

...The latter option would generate soon a lot of errors.

More generally: what can be expected after the calculated endurance? Can we assume that for the vast majority of the cases no error will shown , let's say until the typical values of endurance ere reached?


Thank to anyone that helps me to have an idea of what to expect